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Shenandoah Valley Lupus Support Group
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Shenandoah Valley Lupus Support Group Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $25,000.00
Total Raised: $12,402.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 30
Members Recruited: 70

Join me in my efforts to support Lupus Foundation of America-DC/MD/VA Chapter!

Thank you for supporting Lupus Foundation of America-DC/MD/VA Chapter. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Team Members:
Total Raised$12,402.00  
General Team Donation$640.00  
Carla Humphries$2,543.00  
   Brenda Allen$110.00  
   Amy Argenbright$25.00  
   Kim Artz$170.00  
   Ron Artz$25.00  
   Carla Barr$225.00  
   Jennifer Campbell$50.00  
   Jack Canada$0.00  
   Martha Canada$100.00  
   Melissa Canada$25.00  
   Taylor Canada$0.00  
   Heather Cole$100.00  
   Patrick Cole$50.00  
   K D$0.00  
   Frances Edwards$0.00  
   Judy Falls$70.00  
   Lynn fields$180.00  
   Jill Foster$0.00  
   Sadie Foster$0.00  
   Bonnie Fridley$20.00  
   Chelsea Fridley$0.00  
   Barbara Gay$50.00  
   cara graham$25.00  
   Beanie Griffin$0.00  
   Maxie Griffin$0.00  
   Velma Griffin$70.00  
   Sharon Hicks$530.00  
   Faye Humphries$135.00  
   Jamie Humphries$0.00  
   Jimmie Humphries$25.00  
   Jordan Humphries$0.00  
   Mary Kane$4,925.00  
   Richard Kane$45.00  
   Valerie Lavender$125.00  
   Amie Linke$0.00  
   Hayley Linke$0.00  
   Jason Linke$0.00  
   Treva Massie$165.00  
   Ernie Mayo$25.00  
   kathy melton$75.00  
   Debbie Norgaard$100.00  
   zack ottman$0.00  
   Coleman Parker$0.00  
   Maya Parker$0.00  
   Regina Parker$100.00  
   Scott Parker$0.00  
   Todd Parker$0.00  
   Zina Parker$0.00  
   Poncho Perez$0.00  
   Samantha Perez$0.00  
   Caroline Read$0.00  
   Katherine Read$0.00  
   Meredith Read$50.00  
   Phillip Read$0.00  
   Samuel Read$0.00  
   David Riel$331.00  
   Terri Riley$928.00  
   Tony Riley$0.00  
   Laurel Sheets$0.00  
   Anya Shepelavey$0.00  
   Margee Showalter$100.00  
   Gracelynn Swisher$0.00  
   Rachel Swisher$0.00  
   Wyatt Swisher$0.00  
   Lexis Tanner$100.00  
   Ann Taylor$40.00  
   Don Thomas$100.00  
   Angie Vigil$25.00  
   Jeanie Weade$0.00  
   Taylor Weade$0.00  

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